Freak Accident

Think ...

You are driving down a dark road on your bike. Enjoying the ride, feeling the wind in your (balding fast) hair, you are rushing down the road with absolutely no regards for anyone. Thinking about events in your life from recent past. Absolute bliss to be alive and on the bike and most importantly to be in control. Suddenly there is a loud noise up ahead the road. You see a couple of globes of light hanging in the air and your head becomes blank. All your thoughts vanish as if they were not there at all. After about a couple of minutes you realize it’s a car coming your way faster than you are going towards it. The road is narrow, there is no way to go, crash is inevitable and all of a sudden something happens and you swerve to your left and find some turf to drive on. You are saved. Saved from an almost crash. Safe from any dangers to your dear life. You take a deep breadth. And as everything, you move on. Move on towards your destination.

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