Of Shooting Stars and New Blogs

Yesterday I saw a shooting star. There is a old saying that says if you see a shooting star and make a wish, it is granted. I remembered that and I instantly made a wish. Lets see if it comes true or not. And to see if it is coming true, I will have to wait a few years.

By the way it's Saturday and I was in the office today. My first working Saturday. I am sure there would be more if I want that wish to come true. There is a quote in Sanskrit that says wishes come true if you work for them. And I have all the intention in the world to make sure that the wish comes true.

Anyways after I bought a few books with my first salary and a Kaleidoscope with my second salary, something interesting came to my mind. Each month I shall buy something extravagant. Extravagant not just in terms of money that I spend on it but in terms of its profile and hype around it. And since I am one of those people who are not connected to the world, I want someone from the World Wide Web to help me decide what should I buy for the next month. Sounds like a crazy idea but lets see if there are any takers for the same.

Since I have nothing else left to talk about, I shall talk about Stock Market. As an amateur investor, I have a small portfolio of my own. As every other investor in the world, I assume that I am a good money manager and can spot the winners in time. However as there is a saying that goes like 'You can prove anything with data/numbers ... even the truth" ... I have managed returns of just about 5% in last six months. And this is less than what I would have made in government bonds.

And as soon as I get that new blog on, it shall be posted here.

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