Aaj Tak - Looking into the future !

I always thought headline was something of a paramount importance to the world. It could change the way we live and affect everyone's life. However, Aaj Tak has a different idea or I am too dumb to understand what they are talking about.

Just a few minutes ago, Aaj Tak flashed the following headline. "Poonam Sethi ki bhavishyavani ... kal jeet sakta hai England toss". If I could take liberties in translating it, it means tomorrow in the cricket match England can win the toss. From what ever uncommon common sense I have, I can easily deduce that both England and India have 50 percent chances each of winning the toss. In effect England can actually win the toss. And Poonam Sethi and Aaj Tak may prove to be correct.

I thought everyone found it as idiotic as me but again I realized I was wrong. As I was typing this, someone just called up Aaj Tak and asked them what the probability of someone getting hurt is. And bang came the reply ... no need to worry ... there would not be any major injuries. Wow. People actually think a lady can predict things.

If someone can read what hasn't been written yet, can she please tell me when would I become a millionaire.. :D ?


Anonymous said...

at this rate you will surely never become a millionaire.god bless.

Anonymous said...

its your age that brings this oversmart attitude but beta respect others or else no one will respect you.wake up before its too late.

Swapz said...

aah.. there is no need to respect the dumb... and certainly none to respect aaj tak...

nice post

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