Numb3rs - Reloaded

I posted Numb3rs on August 26, 2006 and since then (about 51 days) few of them have changed. Here is an updated list...

04p050 - My roll no at MDI (this can't change)
1982 - Year I was born in (neither can this)
22 - My Date of Birth (no luck here too)
24 (26) - My age (ah change !!!!)
22:10 - Time on the clock at the bottom right of my screen (yipeeee)
229 - My hostel room at MDI in first year (nopes)
309 - Mu hostel room at MDI in second year (nah)
364 - My house number in Delhi (still the same home sweet home)
879 - My house number in Gurgaon (no more a gurgaava resident)
5K6231GTSZB - My iPod number (got my ipod replaced and hence the change)
9810840224 (dont use this number anymore) - My cell phone number (and if you want to call me ..;))
P0505***** - My driving license number (nopes, its the same)

And to add things .. I just bought a jeans and my waist size now is 36 inches .... !!!!

Last Updated: 7 Apr 2009

1 comment:

SudS said...

36 inches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude !!!!!

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