Old money - the sign of good

I once bought something from the office canteen and I was given the change in coins. One 1-rupee coin, 2 50-paisa coins and 4 25-paisa coins. Yes you read it right, a 25-paisa coin. I could not remember where I had seen it last. In Delhi, the rupee has lost its value. There aren't many things that you can buy with a rupee there. Even beggars ask for 5 bucks now-a-days. I am sure Chennai is the only place in India where they still use a 25-paisa coin. I seriously want to know what happened to all those 10-paisa and 5-paisa coins that were minted in large numbers and is there a place where they still use them.

Since this is something that my grandchildren would never see (I am sure they won't study), I think I ought stock a few to show it to them. I can understand that even a lot of us (people in my generation) wouldn't have seen a 25-paisa coin. Actually it's history repeating itself. Most of us would not have seen an anna and I am talking about the next generation missing the 25-paisa coin.

For the benefit of my generation, I shall try to describe it. The coin is ... as expected ... round in shape with exactly two faces. It has a silvery, steely finish and I bet is could stick to a magnet. One of the faces has got a Rhino on it and the other face has 25 written over most of it. It also has the Indian National Emblem on it. A pic of 25-paisa coin is here. It is smaller in size than a 5-rupee coin and is good to hold. It is slightly bigger than an average shirt button.

And while writing this, I was googling for things and I found the following links ...
1. Track Gandhi – I have registered all my notes and wow is this fun and this is an awesome idea as well. I think I will talk to these guys and do something about it.
2. Indian Currency on Wikipedia - Details about Indian Currency.



Pd said...

I saved a 5paisa, 10 paisa and a 25 paisa coin 5 years ago thinking on the lines that you are thinking on. I still have those :)

Anonymous said...

I hate your blog .... but love you ... why dont u love me too

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