Dusk = Dawn ?

Every new beginning brings fresh hope with it. I was also very keen to get this welcome change and get away from Delhi. After what all happened to me in pat seven months at my company, I was not very happy but I was looking forward to things with this change. But this was the change that was not supposed to be. I find myself yet again into one of those moments when I don’t have anything to do and I see myself fading away into obscurity. And this is something that is not acceptable to me.

Only solace is when I am out of the office and looking at new things and understanding how people here live, interact, talk etc. I want out !

This is probably the first time when I am letting my work life affect my personal life and by the way I have started drinking coffee again. I can now understand the plight of people who smoke, consume alcohol or need something to unwind. I am on their side !

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