99 - Delhi Destiny

Right in the morning I have this bad habit of listening to music. While channel surfing all the music channels, I stumbled upon this fun song titled Delhi Destiny. Reached office and first thing I did (after checking my emails) was hunting for it on IMDB and Youtube.

IMDB just says that its a comedy releasing in 2009. From the song, I know it has Kunal Khemu, Soha Ali Khan, Cyrus Brocha, Simone Singh, Boman Irani in the movie. Who else?

This is one of those movies that I want to watch. Any idea when is it releasing?


Anonymous said...

Releasing on 8th May. One of my colleagues is involved in the film.

Purva said...

OMG Saurabh, did Cyrus Broacha really put on all that weight?

Jigar said...

99 movie turned out to be hit. Genuine comedy no childish jokes.
Cyrus must start doing movies now.
Top 10 Bollywood

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