April 2009: Goals and Output.

Off my April 2009 goals, I did ...
  1. Bought the bike. I got it on 15th April 2009. It is a Royal Enfield Bullet Eletcra 5S. I paid a fortune for it (considering my cash flow) but I am happy I did and got over it. I had been thinking about it for a long time now.
  2. Restarted blogging on SaurabhGarg.com. I did. I call my new blog "Questions. And Answers.". Why and how is here.
And I did not ...
  1. Learn to juggle 4 balls: I can do only three. I did not get to the 4th ball. Dint get time to learn the fourth ball. Actually lost the motivation to move on the 4th ball.
  2. Do Twitter Clone: Given up without writing a single code. I have left the blog the way it is. I dint even check with kAgE if he did anything about it. Knowing him, it is improbable that he would have done it.
Neo pointed out that I have done things that I could have bought with money. Things that required me to work, put in effort, I dint do anything about them. This will have to change starting May.

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