I lied.

I lied.

I lied to her. I just did not know any other way to tell her that I am going. Away. Forever.

Apart from being a mere financial support to her, I was at times her emotional support, her agony aunt uncle, her baby-sitter, her friend, her doctor, her son and everything else.

I cant say I was being good at any of it but I made sure I did whatever I could. And now that I am going away, I realize that it is so easy for people to just move on. And very unlike what movies proclaim. Anyways, this is a rant for some other day. For the time being, I am sad that I had to lie and find an easy way out of the soup I was in.

I was told/taught/preached that truth never hurts nobody. I am no sage, no legend and I am not honest for sure. But truth, hurt me.

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