Moved On.

For the record, I am no longer employed with Creativeland Asia. The decision to move on was a personal and I am glad I am still very good friends with the entire team back at CLA.

The two years went past in a jiffy. Little more than two years ago, I joined CLA from GE Money and things couldn't have worked out better. While I was there,
  • CLA grew from a dining table to two offices (thought I dint play any part in that growth),
  • I was given a lot of room to learn, experiment, make mistakes and grow,
  • I learnt how is it to work on brands like Frooti, Appy Fizz, Cafe Coffee Day (amongst others),
  • I made many good friends (and almost found the love of my life),
  • I travelled and explored Mumbai and Maharashtra extensively
  • And finally I grew by miles as a person.
I wish I could have stayed on but as they say, all good things, come to an end.

Creativeland IMHO is one of the best places to work at. Apart from coming up with great work time after time for all brands, CLA is a collection of few of the finest minds and interesting people. Everyone is handpicked (even our receptionist - Prakash Jee aka Yogi Bear) and its a lot of fuin being there.

If anyone is keen, I would be glad to setup a meeting.

P.S.: Just for the curious few, I dont know what I would be doing now. Would post here moment something is finalized.


Neo said...

thank god u cleared the air.
millions of fans were wondering where u have disappeared. i guess they can relax now.


Kumar Suryavanshi said...

hey Saurabh,

i m kumar, working as copywriter in Everest Brand Solutions (Y&R group) i got your reference from Harishk, would like to have coffee with your ex darling wife(CLA)...i hope u wont mind :-)

Awaiting your reply,

SG said...

@Kumar: sent you sms. Please see.

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