Back from Vipassana

I am back. I went for Vipassana. I did a ten day course under the guidance of SN Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin at Dhamma Sota (map) and I loved every bit of it. I have never come across anything as professional, motivational and grounded in science as the course.

Thanks to Goenka Ji for Vipassana Meditation Centre. I would recommend the 10 day residential course at one of the Dhamma centres (more than 120 centres around the world) to everyone.

Should someone need more info, please write in. Will be more than happy to share details and experiences.

And if I was to summarize my learnings in one sentence, I would say, "This too, shall pass". And if I was to use one word, it is, Anichya (impermanent).

P.S: I cant say I have changed or learnt the art of living but as Goenkaji says, I am on my way of Dhamma.


Naman Sarawagi said...

i was waiting for this post. Hoping it to be more detailed. Please share something more about the experience.

Ash said...

Saurabh, I am delighted that you have enjoyed the 10 day retreat. I too have been on retreats, observed noble silence and am on the path to freedom. You can get so much joy from just knowing that you are progressing down this path. Now you must take what you learned from the retreat and continuely practice mindfulness in everyday life. You need to maintain a good practice with the correct structure, attitude, process & remedies to help you progress. Meditation leads to mindfulness. Mindfulness leads to freedom.

Naman, you need to understand that insight meditation is experiential. Suarabh's experiences will be very different to mine and yours. The best thing you can do is learn the practice and then develop the skill in the practice in a retreat.

More on guided meditation (insight aka vipassana) and mindfulness.

rgds ash

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