Post # 1, Post Invite Only

Finally after 7 years of blogging, I finally took my blog private. Now I can use real names, real incidents and write for real friends. I am no longer scared of the peeps and moral policing of random strangers. I am no longer

I know I will miss all the fayadas of a pseudo-popular blog (read fayadas as book writing invitations, corporate launch invitations, all the ego boosts, chance encounters with strangers and at times with cute women etc).

Coming onto other things, last few months have been crazy to say the least. I am expected to travel to Gurgaon everyday. Gurgaon is fine but it take me two hour each side and that leaves me with no time to think about Cyntax. I hate every bit of this but I have no clue what to do. On one side I have my family and they wnat me to work. On other I have my dreams that I want to chase. I have been chasing them but then I lose direction and focus mid way and I end up with things that I dont want.

I just realized that I have used the word I at least a million times in last para. Tells me something about myself?

Onto other things, I am reading The Fountainhead allover again. More I read it, more I realize how screwed I am in my mind. At times I relate to Roark. At times I think hes dumb. At times I hate him. I times I want to be him.

Anyways coming back to real life, let me end this one here with a promise to keep updating the blog.

Till next time, (abcdt)ata.

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SudS said...

fountainhead ... why do people do this to themselves ?

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