Hello @sgNetBook

As of now, I am officially migrating to a netbook.

Reasons are quite simple. My work is all about making lot of presentations, making bills on excel and writing an occasional document or two. Apart from this, I watch movies, listen to music, spend a lot of time on Internet. And I am on the move all the time. And I have a smart phone (#sgBB).

A netbook allows me to do all these things very effectively. It weighs less than 2 KGs, it has good battery life (will buy a spare battery), it has a big enough keyboard to allow me to write fast without too many acidents, and yet a small enough form factor to allow me to carry it with me in my bag pack. Only thing that I would probably miss is a good mindmapping tool for a netbook and an alternative to iTunes.

For my infrequent design and dev needs, that are anyways minimal (and will remain minimal for the foreseeable future), I have #sgAcer and #sgDesktop!

To get it up and running, I have already accessorised #sgNetbook with a Tata Photon (till I get a 3G card), Sennheiser earplugs, notepads, pens and a Logitech cordless mouse.

P.S.: This is the first post on #sgWOW that was thought on #sgNetBook.

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