Writer's Block

This year, 2011, I had decided that I will get more frequent with my blogging. Not that I have to blog to make the world go around its axis but I thought it would be nice to have penned down thoughts and random observations. They make excellent read. Trust me they do. Like for example, look at some of my blogposts from 2005. Or may be from 2008. May be from last month. Wait, did I make any posts last months? May be, may be not. Thats not the point. The point is that Mr. Murphy hates me to the core. Everytime I decide that I would do something, something or the other happens and I cant get it done. Ab blogging ko hi le lo. I decide that I shall write more often and here I am, stuck with a writer's block.

Waise while I was writing this, I had to lookup a couple of things and I think Wikipedia is totally cool. Its the next best thing to have happened to mankind after rains. I mean if I was God and I had to choose between creating rains or wikipedia, I would have created ... rain.

And while I was typing this, the free wifi at the swanky new Delhi airport ran out of time. Didnt I say Murphy? Anyways, it took me yet another SMS and I am back online. And now that when I think I was hitting the flow and getting back to writing some random gibberish, Go Air just announced that my flight is ready to depart.

Murphy Singh, tu mil kahin pay ... dekh loonga!

Signing Off,
On my way to Mumbai

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