F. (Be a) Finisher.

This is the sixth post in the A to Z Challenge. My theme is my Bucket List. Read more about the project here. The other things on my bucket list are Ancient RuinsBookCoffee ShopDate a Supermodel and Entrepreneurship.

This is a tough one. This one is making me think. This one is about a thing on my Bucket List that starts with F. I made a list of things that are important to me, that start with F. Here is the list. Family. Friends. Finish a marathon. Find a treasure (like real treasure) and I cant decide what is important enough to be on the bucket list. 

In fact the idea of these writing prompts is to make you think. This one is making me think. I know that going forward, the rest of April, it would get difficult. 

Ok, the random vomit of words has given me an idea. I know what I am going to talk about. Its called Finisher. 

The next thing on my bucket list is, "Be A Finisher."

Before the blogpost, let me define a Finisher. Someone, when he takes up a task, ensures that it reaches a logical conclusion.

All my life, so far, I have been guilty of leaving things mid way. Last few months, for a change, I have started to put an end to things. And its a different high altogether. I really want to be known as a finisher. If there was an epitaph, I would want it to read, "Here lies a man who finished things that he worked on."

Screen-cap from Cool Runnings. More on this later. 
So, for a scatterbrain like me, things are often tough. I see something shiny and I am tempted to cling onto it. And just when the clinging bit starts sinking in, I see another shiny object and I want to move on. And I do.

Thus, I hop from one thing to another, leaving the old ones behind. Nothing wrong with it. But often, I tend to leave things midway. Without finishing them. When I look back on life, I don't really see a road studded with diamonds and studs and achievements and all such things. But I see a bridleway strewn with projects half-done, half-dead, abandoned, left mid-way. To rot. To be ignored.

No these things dont come back to haunt me but its not a nice feeling to have. I realized it when I was making my CV. And preparing for an interview. More than justifying it to the world, I realized that I hated looking back at things that I left like that. It felt shitty. And anything that feels shitty, I am going to change it.

So last few months, I have worked really hard and I have started to finish things. I am beginning to become a finisher. I no longer abandon things just like that. If something doesnt work out, I put an end to it. I accept the failure and move on. I put the pieces back in place and close them. A logical conclusion. It may not be a desirable ending but its an ending. A clear end. I don't abandon it. I am ok with failure but I am no longer ok with abandoning something. I think thats the biggest thing I learnt from writing a book.

I want to be a finisher. I want this to be on my bucket list. I want to be known as a finisher. I want people to hire me because I can finish things. I want people to know that I am a finisher. I want to tell myself that I am a finisher. Most important of them all, I want to look into a mirror, stare myself hard in the eyes and tell myself that I am a finisher. Because I think that the easiest person to fool is self. The world sees what you may not choose to see. I dont want to fool myself. If you know me and you see my fooling myself about this (or other things), please do point out. I shall be obliged. Ya, thats the word. Obliged.

Thank You.

Oh, and do see this bit from the movie Cool Runnings. I will not spoil it by telling you what it is. But its a must see scene. I saw it atleast ten year ago and its still fresh in my head. Its that powerful. I thought of the word finisher and I knew I had to include this scene in the post. Do see it. Leave everything else and see it.

And if you still have some time, do read about Fucket List. I found this while searching for things that start with F and could be on the bucket list. Do you have a Fucket List? I haven't made mine as yet but I am tempted to. May be next month ;)


Anonymous said...

Great goal to have. I have just recently started thinking about bucket lists, though it's been more like goal by this age lists. Happy A to Z'ing! :)

Suzanne Sapsed said...

I like your choice of topic! I think being a finisher is something I should add onto my bucket list!

Linda said...

That's a very good thing to do. It feels so good to actually accomplish something.
I have problem with finishing too. I don't abandon things but I just put more and more to my to do list until it becomes unsustainable.
I hope you'll manage to get it all this time around.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Its such an amazing feeling Finish something. Well written

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