Notes from Home Run

Its a lazy tuesday and since I finished my meetings early, I am home, watching a random movie - Home Run. And while watching, I realized a few things as I saw a "former" sports star struggle with his alcohol addiction.

Here is a list...

I love sports. Though I would love to complete professionally, age is not on my side. May be pool. Or poker. I know, I know, they are not really sports. But I don't have an option.

May be I could become a coach, a manager, an agent or something. I would love to be someone like Jerry McGuire​ some day. Or Mark Mascarenhas (if you guys don't remember him, here's a primer). I just need to figure out how to.

Side note, I would love to have someone at Hello. #sgMS had me at Hello. It was not hello but it was close.

I have a severe addiction problem. Of multiple things.

I am addicted to Diet Coke. Though I haven't had it since Dec now, I still carve for it. Every time I see it, I want it. And with each passing day, it's getting harder to control.

Apart from that I am addicted to food. Yes. Food. I just want to eat. And eat. And eat. And I know that food addiction means more than just perpetual hunger is more to do with psychology (the part time shrink in my tells me that I am scared about some sort of impending famine. Need to see a shrink about it. Any recommendations?

Then there is this terrible addiction to daydreaming. Nothing wrong with it I guess. But I'd rather get things done!

Thankfully, I don't have issues with alcohol or cigarettes. So that helps.

With every passing day, I am getting sure that I want to move out of India. From a die-hard Indian fanatic to someone who wants to move on to other places, the damn change I think has finally happened.

Even though I am all for development and intelligent living, I so love small towns and community. I love to know everyone around me and yet I want to travel. And I want to be left alone when I want to. I want a simple life and a flamboyant lifestyle. What the fuck am I talking about? Damn it.

I want to make movies. The damn medium is so effective that you just can't forget a well made movie. Although writing gives me supreme happiness. I believe that the visual medium has to be the most effective means of communication ever. I need to somehow make the transition from writing to visual. Again, age is probably not on my side. But what great thing has happened without trying?

There is no E. Just 4 things.

P.S.: It's a very ok movie btw. You don't have to see it. See Whiplash instead. But it did make me realize so many things. Now to write a better version of that film ;P

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