The inane. Dubai 2018, Day 07

I dont have too many things to report for today. I did nothing special. Just stayed at the hotel, got some things done, met a couple of people - one was super inspiring and one not so inspiring and slept like a log.

In fact this trip is turning out into this big holiday where I am meeting people and sleeping and eating. The things that I had expected to do, the thinking on large goals etc, are not happening. And since I am not working, I am not really happy about it. Thing is, I am the kinds that needs constant action!

A few things are clear though.

A. I do not have it in me to go to the gym on a regular basis. Or the treadmill. The most regular I've ever been was when I was doing Yoga. Maybe I will go back to that. Just that the teacher that I want to go to is way too far for my comfort. I may want to move houses but the part of Mumbai where the teacher lives and operates is kinda uncool. I am Bandra is probably the place that everyone wants to be at but I dont like it. #note2self: I was about to write "kinda not like it" and I wrote "dont like it". I need to get more definite in my opinions. Also, I need to be solution oriented, rather than opinion oriented. So I dont like Bandra but what is the alternative? 

B. I can control what I eat and when I eat (I've been reading about IF and it sounds like an interesting thing to do. I will probably club it with Keto and I am home). Of course I need to be able to run a marathon. Will have to find something that triggers the thing about running.

C. Can I covert notes from this trip into a travelogue? Say, People of Dubai? Instead of making their names public, I look at their profiles and write a 100-200 words profiles of them? And my interpretation of those? For example, I met this taxi driver from Pakistan who came to Dubai at the age of 15 and now claims to have 3 cars and a comfortable life. The ambition that drives him? Go back to Pakistan someday and pay for the piece of land that he grew up at. Or this girl from Philippines who came to Dubai about a year ago and fell in love with an Indian and had to learn how to eat dal and roti!

Sounds like a good idea. Who would read? May be attach a pic with each of these people? Lets see. If you are reading this and you want me to do this, tell me. Here is an invite. I am @saurabh on twitter.

The other option is that once am back home, I can reach out to expats in India and chat up with them about why did they choose to make India their home. It will help me learn so much!

The other thing is, do I want to take new projects? Dont I have my hands full with all the things? I do. But I am sure I can have these as a part of some business. Like this project that I just spoke about, could be a part of the culture project under AWSL that will evolve into a think-tank, a platform for doers. 

Epiphany. For most of my projects, I need someone to help me. As a co-creator. And that is probably why I havent been able to do much?

D. One of the ideas of this trip was to disconnect from the world, hide in a cave and think. I've done anything but that. I have been on twitter, insta, phone and all the other places where you expect me to lurk at. I am doing all this under the garb of having access to things. But not cool. I will try from tonight on. Or tomorrow. Or something. Have just a week left to sort things.


So yeah. Thats about it for the day.

Oh and Dubai, it sucks that you dont have this rule where you could people free tap water at restaurants. Bottled water is way too expensive. Over and out.

Saurabh Garg
April 19, 2018

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