Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. People say that Friday the 13th happens to be a very unlucky date. As far as am concerned, Friday the 13th has been real good for me.

To start with, I was in my class on time. Although I had to skip my breakfast as usual and I couldn’t take a bath but the still I was in the class and was on time. Secondly today was probably the first day at MDI when I wasn’t sleepy. I actually attended the class and I was attentive. YAY. I understood almost everything taught in the class and I am beginning to believe that speaking less and being serious about stuff is the way to it.

Anyways after the class I hanged around with friends. Although it was freaking hot but I still enjoyed the good company. I had lunch outside. It was a welcome break from the messy mess food. After the lunch, yet another long time wish came true and I was so happy.

Then it was time to remember a few old friends. Called up people in Chandigarh and Chennai. It cost me 80 odd bucks but they were well spent and worth every since paisa I spent.

To wrap things up and end the day, am sitting at home with my family as am writing this entry.

Oh and did I mention that I started my day dancing on the dome terrace in my hostel. I danced till about 3 and then I along with a few friends went out for a ride. So the day started well and is ending very well.

Friday The 13th! Who says Fridays are unlucky and I would like to copy a copyrighted thing here … Thanks God It’s Friday!

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