Take Me Home ...

When I heard the song by John Denver, I didnt realize that it would applicable to me someday. Applicable in the sense that I would long to get back home to my friends, to my family, to my home, to the place I was brought up and lived virtually all my life.

After the fun time spent at hostel, I do miss the time I spent at home. Although the friends have drifted apart, they have found new accomplices, new crushes, they still wait for me, miss me and so do I.

Someone rightly said that yourealize the true value of something when you don't have it. I never relished the home cooked food, the time wasted walking on that market road, the biking, the game of cricket until I was far from it.

I am sure after two years at my hostel, I would be feeling the same way. I would be leaving my hostel, my friends, my college, my home. Damn it why do we have to be seperated from things we like to be with. Probably that's life. Change.

I know this post is not making any sense and am not getting anywhere by posting this but today probably for the first time, I am really really expressing myself on the BLOG.

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