Counter-Strike - Date with the Destiny

Tomorrow on 24th April 2005, my Counter Strike clan MML would be entering a competition at Reliance Web World in Gurgaon. Last time when we went there, we eaily won the tourney and walked away with the prizes. This time, its different. I have been told that there are far too many teams and the teams are far too better. Anyways challenge and risk are my way of life and I am looking forward to the event.

People who would be helping me out there and are my clan members are ...
Pawanjit Singh Wasu aka MML | hitman
RajKiran Sharma aka MML | ICEman
Sudhanshu Gupta aka MML | Anathema
Saurabh Garg aka me aka MML | Krror_Singh

two other MML mmebers that would not be able to make it due to their commitments and academic rigor. The reasons would be explained sometime later when I would be having 1000000000 xtra minutes to type in. By the way they are Bethune Velamati and Satyajeet Gandhi.

And since I am talking about gaming and on top of it I am talkin about First Person Shooters and on top of it a team game, how can I end this post without mentioning kAgE? kAgE aka Kunal Garde happens to my mentor and I hope I get to beat him someday, somewhere in ANY game !!!!

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