Secrets to Cyber*** success ... !!!

Well, here is something that would make a lot of people happy. Some people I know and a lot I don't. published an article titled "Secrets to Cybersex Success". Here is a true and comprehensive guide for all those who are "moved" by the very concept.

There was this friend who once told me that a common friend of ours asked her for the "favor". Ofcourse she refused to grant the favor. The friend who asked for the favor can read the above mentioned guide and make sure that he is never embarrassed again in public.

apparently this author has authored a book called "The Sexual Revolution 2.0". WOW !!!! the world has ACTUALLY changed in the two years I wasted with MBA.

As I was typing this, a message on my Yahoo messenger from "neogirlowyah" pops up and she says "Hi there I was looking around yahoo and i saw your ad.. anyway, you seem interesting.". All this when I had never posted any kind of ad on the internet.

When you have lot of time to read everything on the internet, these are the kinds of posts that come on to your blog.

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