Star News reports on Dhoni !

Ok so continuing in the series of TV bashing; here is yet another one...

Rupurt Mudroch's Star News was the first to report that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s wicket keeper has clipped his hair.

I mean move over Mr. Bush, leave the bird flu aside and no information about good old politics. Headline today on Star News is Dhoni and his clipped hair.

That was not all. Star news actually went ahead and interviewed the barber at Taj who clipped the hair, compared the earlier look when he had long hair with the new look. They infact got a hair specialist to comment on the hair style.

They did their bit of background research also. They went to Ranchi, Dhoni's hometown and talked to his friends. They found out that Dhoni had long hair since last three years and he always took great care of his hair. They also dug out a picture when he was just one year old. They talked to his mother about his hair.

I agree to the fact Dhoni is on of the best wicket keepers to have served India but I think Star News should realize that they are a news channel with some kind of responsibility attached. They should move beyond these tabloid kind of news lippings just to get a higher TRP rating. And if this was not for higher TRP, I think something is serisouly wrong with Star News.

I thought media industry is growing leaps and bounds in India. I guess I was wrong. If someone out there remotely related to Star is reading this, please do something about a news channel that can make headlines of a the personal life of a cricketer.

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