Windows Live vs Google Reader

Microsoft happens to be my favorite company. Google is a close second. Google a new company, revenues from advertising, Microsoft a behemoth, revenues from software, both trying to get the best of each other.

For a past few days, I have been grappling with that ultimate feedreader. I initially started with FeedReader until one fine day it somehow managed to delete all the feeds without even asking me. I lost all the news clippings etc that I had saved over few months.

Next in line was good old Windows Live. It works fine, is feature rich and easy to work with. Apart from just a normal feed reader, it is host of things bundled together. It would be a messenger, email console, antivirus and what not all in one interface.

And finally I just stumbled across Google Reader. Amazing piece of web based software. However as all the Google initiatives, this is also in Beta stage. One needs to sign in to google with the regular account to have fun with this ultimate feed reader. Google Reader looks a bit buggy as of now. When you add or delete a feed, you need to re-login to see the effects. In due course of time, it might get better with all the research and development happening at Google.

As of now, FeedReader is certainly out of picture. It is very hard to choose between Windows Live and Google Reader.

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