Vanakkam - Hello Chennai !

Every new computer program starts with a Hello World program and here I am starting a new stint with unexplored India ...

Vanakkam Chennai !

I am being sent off to Chennai for about four months to try and sell some stuff. I know apart from all the selling that I would manage, I would also travel extesively in south India. Kanyakumari, Pondicherry, Bangalore aka Bengaluru are on my shortlist.

Travel is one thing, I shall also try to setup a business venture there. I have no clue what would it do but I know I want something of my own. If someone would ask me what exactly would I want and why do I want to have my own setup, I would have no answers. It is like destiny calling. People breathe even though they do not know that they have to, I want to open something without knowing why. Kinda stupid analogy but still its me :D

1 comment:

Samit said...

I perfectly understand your idea of 'why' the business venture :)
All the best for that buddy ! Am sure you'll rock on :)

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