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Ok I don't really blog about cricket until something really really important happens. Today it was an exception. Something important happened.

Rahul Dravid resigned as the captain of Indian Cricket Team and Mahendra Singh Dhoni captained The Twenty20 Team India in their match against Pakistan.

There are no reasons for Rahul Dravid to step down until or unless Sourav Ganguly is being made the captain again. Sounds absurd that I am predicting the next captain of Indian Cricket Team but in India, situations can be funny and a lot of things totally unrelated to the game can influence things.

Second, Dhoni is not proving to be a good captain. He's not even being an average captain. Today's match, India should have won comfortably. There were too many incidents of the team huddling together to figure out the strategy. They were running around like headless chickens. As Navjot Singh Siddhu would have said, they were as confused as a child in the topless bar. How many times have you seen Australia huddle and try to come up with a strategy on field? Stcrrategies and plans are for pavilions and dressing rooms. Action should have the priority on

If trends are any indication, India selects the most experienced player as their captain. It's an ok strategy but not really effective.

A captain is a leader and there are certain qualities that a leader should have. In my humble biased opinion, Mahendra Singh Dhoni lacks that. In fact even Rahul Dravid is not the captaincy material.

A good captain was Sourav Ganguly. He had everything that you wanted in a captain. He was bold. He led by example. He was aggressive. And most importantly he came to the rescue when we needed him.

Any thoughts on leadership ...?

UPDATE: Just heard Mahendra Singh Dhoni speak about the match. He speaks a lot of sense. Why are his actions on field not reflecting his thoughts on the game? Lessons to be learnt?

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