Open Letter to Hugh MacLeod

I think very highly of Hugh MacLeod. Here is a comment I left on his page. I dont know if he would publish it or not, but here is a copy.
You rock Hugh. Keep on the good work.

I have taken fwe liberties to post a couple of your cartoons on my blog (obviously with due credits).

I always thought no one knows (or could understand) what I thought about life and work and here you are with exact same thoughts (in lot of cases - you are ten steps ahead - talking about things that I havent thought about) and that too on the back of the business cards.

Thanks for being such a relief from millions of tons of gibberish spread on the internet


P.S.: Wondering if all webpages were measurable in grams, would we exceed the weight of the planet .. ?

P.P.S.: Law of conservation of energy - You produce something by using something and sum total of Energy in the planet remains same (E=mc[sqr]). When creating websites is simple and in many cases automated, what law are we following .. ?

UPDATE: Changed name from Hugh Grant to Hugh MacLeod after Venkatesh commented. Slip of fingers .. :( Sorry !


Venkatesh Varalu said...

Hi... nice blog.
Just a small mistake...

Its not Hugh Grant,the cartoonist...its Hugh MacLeod, the cartoonist. You must have mistaken from the hollywood actor.

S4ur4bh said...

Thanks for correcting me ...

Slip of "fingers" I would say .. :)

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