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Wikipedia defines Post-It notes as
a piece of stationery with a re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back, designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents, computer displays, and so forth

Invented accidentally in 1968 by Dr. Spencer Silver and made popular by Arthur Fry (both scientists at 3M), Post-Its were first made available commercially in 1980. Almost 30 years on, today in 2007, Post-It Notes are nothing short of a revolution (ok niche-revolution). It is no longer restricted to use in offices. People have gone ahead and made paintings, artefacts, cartoons, videos with Post-It Notes.

Post-Its notes are recyclable, do not leave any residue on surfaces and are available in 8 standard sizes, 25 shapes and 62 colors. The most popular obviously is the 3.5 inch square Canary Yellow one.

I simply love the concept of Post-It Notes and would try posting a few things related to Post-It Notes here.

Post-It Notes Rock is doing what I want to - create a dicrectory of Post-It Notes.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from post-it notes rock and I quess you are the resaon I have had so many hits on my blog. I set it up 8 months ago and then left it till now. As it seems popular with only three blogs on it I might set it up again. Fancy helping out?

s4ur4bh said...

I would love to. You did not leave your contact.

Please contact me and lets take this forward.


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