Awesome weekend

7th, 8th and 9th June were yet another set of awesome days.

Friday night - Saw Sarkar Raj with Ashima and Parry. The movie was ok. Will rate it at 2 on 5. The ending is awesome. The last 15 mins is very very good. You could go through the ordeal of watching the first half of the movie for just these last 15 mins.

Friday night - After the movie, it was raining like crazy and stood in the baarish at Kandivali crossing for about an hour. Ideally would have wanted some music - romantic and sentimental but its ok.

Saturday evening - Had some work. Met my team and a client for a presentation. They loved it.

Sunday morning - Slept like a log for 12 hours. And

Sunday evening - played pool, countre-strike, sat with friends and they had beer, had awesome dinner and then slept for 10 hours.

Wish every day could be a party like this.

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