Visit to Cannes

A sleepy town along the beaches of south of France,
where every one has a convertible car,
at least one super bike,
and few trophy wives,
where all the "brands" from Gucci to Gabana have their store,
where everything is charged at a super premium or more,
a town called Cannes.

Wah wah ... impromptu poetry. :D

On a serious note, I am currently attending the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival 2008 at Cannes (my rants from the fest can be found here). So far its been awesome fun.

I am here till Saturday and then its back to Mumbai. More updates on the trip once I am back to Mumbai.


Ujj said...

Aah.. a case of S4urabh holiday to Cannes.. looking forward to some pictures and other stuff :)

dhivya said...

am i jealous or what...i think the green eyed monster just moved in lock stock and barrel

s4ur4bh said...

@ujj and @dhivya .. lol !

Trust me trip was not even that much fun. I went for office work :D

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