Happy Birthday PD

Its PD's birthday. Since I have been lazy and I lack serious creativity, this is how I decided to wish her.

Words cant express how important she is to me. May she has a wonderful year ahead and gets all that she aspires for this year.

P.S.: If you are reading this, please save some cake for me :D


Czasin "The Tyro" said...

Lil different...but one cool way to wish PD!! PD ne treat di?? meri pendin hai.. ;-)

Mrs Manorama said...

OMG... this is super creative. This PD chick is really lucky to have a frnd like you, I tell you!

- Pados ki Manorama Aunty

Ps: beta samose bann gaye hain, aake kha lo.

Cool D-yude! said...

yo man! Whack way to wish man! Kewl. Totally.

- The sk8er boi!

Mr Mukharjee said...

what is this? shameless fool. Ladki ka naam aise type karta hai tum chhokra log. Shameless.

Shri. V M Mukharjee
- (Moral) Police Inspector

ek kavi said...

Wah wah! Ati uttam. Kanyaon ka mann bahut hi chanchal hota hai. Yeh balika avashya prasann ho gayi hongi.

- Shridhar 'Manohar' Aamte

DHL said...

Dear Mr Saurabh,
This is to inform you that you are a very creative person. Please accept this comment as a token of our appreciation for you and your creative work.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,
D H Lakhani
Sr. HR Executive
JKL Group of Companies

s4ur4bh said...

Wondering who is spamming my blog and how many of these comments are genuine .. !

I so wish I could use Akismet here on Blogger !

LML said...

Ahem! This may sound as if its a therapy session but I think you lack some basic self confidence. You should be more confident about yourself. Please make sure that next time around you are more confident about your work.

Your well wisher,
Lady Marie Lewis
Hope Counseling services

Taporiyon ka dada said...

aye! Apun bol rela hai baap ki yeh ek dum jhakas idea de dala hai tune apun ko. bole to, mast!!

- apun ko log Pappu Dada bolte hain. kya? samjha na?

Paulie said...

IP address:
Location: Home

- Paul D'Souza
Akismet Network Admin

Silent Admirer said...

shagun ka 11wah comment, Safola style mein ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so creative...Excellent, I am mighty impressed by the talent dude..and no silly I don't think anybody is spamming..these are genuine compliments..

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