Delhi 6 Disappoints

I was really looking forward to seeing Delhi 6. A R Rahman's music, as always is really good. Prasoon Joshi's lyrics are meaningful and impeccable. The tralior looked wonderful. The on screen chemistry between Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor seemed interesting. The plot promised to be similar to Rang De Basanti. And beneath these tons of expectations, I went to see Delhi 6.

I came out disappointed.

I could go on ranting why its a bad movie and why you shouldn't bother even discussing it, why the story is week, why the characters are lost, why is it not about home-coming of a desi and all that.

In one line, dont bother wasting time and money on it. Just get the music and enjoy Dilli 6, Genda Phool and Masakali.

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pd said...

just a little too late for the heads up ;)

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