Of Orbs and World Dominion

All of us are stuck in our respective orbs (time, state of mind, location, cubicles etc) and without having an iota of control over thoughts or even movements of anything of significance, we somehow are trying to justify to ourselves that we are gods and about two steps away from world dominion.

Ok, we can be replaced by me ... to start with.

So, carrying on with the rant, here we are, 20 25 somethings, in pursuit of happyness creative orgasm, working at middle management level (really? or these levels have been created just to make us happy?), suffering from QLC, constantly comparing ourselves with our peers, trying to justify our careers and fat paychecks and in a constant state of denial. "We" are characterized by over-inflated egos, dreams that run nothing short of world dominion (again) and ideas that would put Malcolm Gladwells and Seth Godins of the world to shame.

To be continued ...

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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