Luck By Chance

Saw Luck By Chance today. Amongst other things, Farhan Akhtar continues to impress with his performances. Konkana Sen Sharma looks gorgeous as ever. Isha Sharvani added the glitz to the movie. And then there were assorted stars, semi-stars, starlets, yester-stars, almost-stars etc.

Few things that I can recall from the movie
  • luck, fate, destiny are all words coined by weak to justify their failure to reach their goals
  • if someone is content in life, nothing would happen
  • confidence is nice, over-confidence is not
  • people who know you when you were growing up, they tell you the truth and you need them more than the new friends that you way. (reminds me of that quote, "people you meet on the way up, remember them, you will meet them on the way down")
All in all its a nice movie. If done differently, this could very well have been one of those "chicken soup for soul", "entrepreneurship 101" kind of movies - depending on the way the director would have taken the call.

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