In Delhi, I did ...

I am in Delhi right now and back in Mumbai tomorrow morning. Here are few things that I did on this visit. In no particular order ...
  • Met @pjain. We have been planning to meet for about 6 months now. Finally caught up with him. Had a nice chit chat about barcamps and entrepreneurship in India.
  • Hogged onto "fried" Paranthas from Paranthe Wali Gali.
  • Saw Dev D. Finally. No more comments. Except that it was emotional atyachaar ;P
  • Visited Birla Temple - the same place where Mahatama Gandhi was killed in 1948. And for some funny reasons, you are not allowed to take your cameras inside the temple.
  • Practised driving on my dad's car. Drove atleast 300 KMs within Delhi. I can now drive comfortably as long as its not the uphill part of a crowded flyover. 
  • Read WEB's 2008 letter to shareholders (notes here). Did not understand a major chunk of it. Hopefully would get clarification at Value Investors Mumbai's Meeting No. 3 on Sunday.
  • Dropped my sis at Delhi's domestic airport.
  • And Picked a friend from Delhi's international airport.
  • Visited People Tree. Bought one teeshirt (for myself) and a bell (for a friend).
  • Dropped my phone thrice. Time to buy a new one.
And these are the things that I normally do, but did not do this time

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