Personal Information Management

So, these are problem statements ...
  1. I know a lot of things and want to know lot more.
  2. I read tons of material and my to-read list is growing exponentially everyday.
  3. I come in contact with a lot of wonderful people. And I need to stay connected with them.
  4. And finally I want to be able to manage my todo list on a daily basis.
And with busier and mobile life, its imperative that something about managing information is done. And fast.

I have decided I would use online tools for these tasks. Simply because Internet is now as ubiquitous as it could be and online tools are almost as good as offline ones. Also I want to use simple tools. Life is too complex anyways, why use complex tools?

So, here is a list.
  1. A pen drive for files that are too large to be shared on the Internet. And carry along data that is very critical that if Internet goes for a toss.
  2. - bookmark links, webpages and other things that I want to keep track of.
  3. pbwiki - take notes and invite comments
  4. Google Docs, Calendar - for creating lists and schedules
  5. Google Reader - to keep track on my reading list
  6. and
  7. Slideshare and Scribd - for managing files, documents and presentations
And then I will continue to use these online tools/services
  1. Twitter
  2. Dopplr
  3. Facebook
  4. Flickr
  5. LinkedIn
What else should I use? Is there a good contact management software? Where I can keep a list of my contacts, where I know them from, what do they get to the table and all that?

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