Work Better

I have realized that I work better when ...
  1. I am facing a wall. I this helps me keep distractions to the minimum.
  2. Listening to music I like. This helps in concentrating.
  3. The background noise is at bare minimum. For obvious reasons.
  4. There's a glassful of water next to me. And a loo within 10 seconds walking distance.
  5. My feet are free. Or read as, when I am not wearing any shoes. May be my brain is in my toes?
  6. I have a notepad and few pencils to scribble things on. I like taking notes!
  7. Lights are dimmed. Not too much of a brightness fan. Blame it on q3?
I am trying to build this list. Lets see how far this goes. Once I have everything in place, I would move!

What helps you work better? Any more tips?

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