May 2009: Goals!

In April this year, I started this monthly series of posts, called Goals. I will write on paper what I want to do/achieve in the coming month. I cant plan for the future. Leave alone thinking of 5, 10 year goals. Max I can do is think ahead like a week. Thinking ahead for a month is a way to try and do better. Also, Month is a good quantum of time to make realistic goals. I cant really get a lot of things done in a week. A year looks like an eternity. And hence a month.

Also, I have realized that I need to be able to measure my progress and I need measurable and frequent gratification (in terms of results and achievements, howsoever small they are) for my efforts. With these monthly goals, I can see sucess/failure very soon. BTW I am not only moved by success alone. I take failure with similar spring in stride. I need results. Something that gives me feedback.

Finally, I hate when output of my effort has to depend on too many external factors. I understand I need to be able to work with others and everyone has their limitations (of time, brains, efforts, motivation et al). My monthly goals are mostly personal in nature right now. Would try to extend them to work eventually.

So, monthly goals sound like a good idea. And here I am implementing them. Anyways, coming back to the goals, when May 2009 would end, I would have
  • Started wearing shoes. Not that I see any benefit out of it but I think I will.
  • Started on the book.
Thats about it. Small list for May. Lets see how it goes. BTW, this is the goal list for April 09. And this is how I fared on it.

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