@sgElectra got hurt

sgElectra got raped. I had to courier sgElectra from Mumbai to Delhi since I dint want to leave it alone in Mumbai. I wanted to ride it all the way but my parents dint like the decision. And now after looking at the shape of it, I dont like my parents decision.

From the looks of it, its very bad. I have been able to figure out these things so far ...
  1. The footrest got bent. I will have to hammer it back to get it right.
  2. The front indicators got bent. They cant be repaired. Will have to live without them.
  3. The battery got discharged. I can put some money to buy a battery. Kangali main aata geela.
  4. There is rust all over the bike. Apparently there was leakage while shipping and since it was packed they could not wipe the water. And hence the rust. I dont even know what can be done about it.
  5. The ignition is screwed. The wiring will have to be changed. I am hoping it can be done.
Come to think of it, the bike is just three odd months old and it already has so many scratches and injuries.

Brings me to another lesson. Never ever ship a vehicle. This is my second bike that got screwed while shipping. 2131 met the same fate when it was coming from Chennai to Delhi. It was beyond repair and it was sold without me even knowing it.

Anyways, next time on, I am driving/riding.

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WSW said...

Omg!! this is really heartbreaking. To have something you love being spoiled like this..that too when its so brand new!

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