Bungee Jumped off Macau Tower

Ever since I heard about the concept of a Bungee Jump, I have wanted to do it. So much so that I put it on my wishlist.

So last Sunday, I actually did it. I jumped from Macau Tower. At 233 meters, operated by AJ Hackett, this is the highest commercial Bungee Jump location in the world.

The experience is hard to describe. The jump gets over before it begins. The first few miniseconds are full of confusion. You think you have done something wrong. Since its something that you have never experienced before, your brain cant comprehend it. The next few microseconds is when you feel liberated. Its like orgasm. It lasts for split second but then those split seconds are worth a lifetime. The next few microseonds when you are nearing the ground, you start realizing what you have just done and you actually start screaming. And then the pull back happens. And you start singing songs. In my case, it was "this is love"!!. And then they lower you to the ground. And you feel that sense of achievement. That adrenaline rush that you always wanted. That exhilaration that you always craved for. Its all there. You are so proud of yourself to have jumped off the edge.

And as they, why live on the edge, when you can jump off it!! And btw next on list are jumps in Nepal and Switzerland.

Videos are available on demand. If you want to see me tottering towards the edge of the tower, that last bit of confusion and fear on my face before the jump, the actual fall, the reach for the ground below, the pull back and the release and all the pre-jump masala, please let me know and I shall share.

And for everyone else who have been thinking about it, you should do it. Its totally worth it.


daksh said...

Saurabh - This is an enthralling experience. Why don't you post a picture/video of the same?

nikita said...

Cool , share the video and the pics too na..
I'd want to try it too :)

Sanket said...

That's cool man! Can you please send the video on sanaradhye at gmail?

rruta said...

sob...send the video

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