With a heavy heart (coupled with black and white imagery and sad music in background), I report the untimely departure of one MS from the sob story of my life.

In last few months, everytime you saw me happy, it was her. Everytime you saw me excited, she had done something special. Everytime I was found hunting for curios, gifts and tees, they were all for her. Everytime I disappeared without a convincing alibi, I was with her.

She brought me strength, love and luck. She took care of me. She was my guiding angel. She taught me what I ought to do. She stood by me. She watched out for me. She made me do things that I never thought were possible. She made my laugh and yes, she did make my cry. She was the reason. She made me push my limits and she was always there when I needed her.

Reminds me of these lines ...
Tu jo nahin to aise piya hum
jaise soona aangana
nain tihari raah niharein
nainan ko tarsaao na
Download it here. Totally legit. From CokeStudio.

Wish I could get her back...

Like most of other people I talk about here, MS is a fictional character. Any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental and unintentional. Please consult a certified financial consultant before taking any investment decisions. Ok, this last one was not required.

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Anonymous said...

Coke studio is pretty damn awesome. Sucks that our cousins across the border thought of this idea before us though. :P
My personal recommendation is Yaar Dadi by Ali Zafar.

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