Happy Birthday Agony Aunt

Happy Birthday V!!!

Thanks for being there. Always.

Strange it may sound but yes, I do have an agony aunt. Everytime I am low and I dont know what to do, I goto her place, talk my heart out without any inhibitions, chit chat about random things and come back fresh. Its like coming back from a teerth yatra (aka pilgrimage).

She listens to me without prejudice, she seems to understand everything without me having to say em explicitly and has answers for every damn thing in the world (MS tells me that I have answers for everything. If MS had met V, she would have known that SG has just about a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of V's coming-up-with-ingenious-answers-at-drop-of-the-hat skills).

Coming back to her, she is super intelligent, very strict taskmaster, amazing mother (shes got two sons - I tried talking her into adopting me as well, but she dint budge) and wonderful listener. The world needs more of her kinds.

I know her for about an year now. I know her from an online forum that both of us are fond of. In fact she gave me my first project when I started Cyntax in July last year (btw we still haven't finished the project and she has been chasing me incessantly for it and I have now mastered the art of avoiding her phone calls about it).

Wish her a great year ahead.

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