April 02, 2013. You've a habit of getting late.

The first phone call of the day was from a client and first thing he said was, "please make it at 2. You have a habit of getting late". And in all the times I've met him, over the last three years, I've never ever been late.

Anyways (remember the rant yesterday about anyways?) the meeting went as expected. The client was his nasty self. I survived through it. And then the day was drab and boring. Just that I finished reading Kafka on the Shore. Totally blown by it. Will write a detailed review soon. Will restart reading On the Road now. Looking forward to it.

Other exciting thing to have happened today was the visit to my 5th Starbucks store in India, at the Delhi airport. Now I've been to all operational Starbucks store. Not an achievement I want to boast about but I love that brand and I don't mind "stalking" it.

What else do I want to write about? I thought I would restart running. The Delhi. Trip has put a break on my 3 km walk/jog/struggle routine but I want to restart it. Today I could not. Tom I cannot as I have a flight. Day after tomorrow may be. Pray for me.

That's it. Next update tomorrow.

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