April 04, 2013.

Day 4. Not bad. Despite non regular access to Internet, I have been able to write for four straight days. This is day 4 actually.

Agenda for the day is a rant on the evolution of photography as an industry. The cameras got cheap, Internet cheaper and technology grew at an astronomical pace. From being an elitist phenomenon photography is now something that anyone with a half decent camera can do. Of course with a million photographers around, the loudest and most obnoxious ones are easy to spot. Nothing wrong with pimping what you do but then as a while the profession and the discipline of photography are going down the drain. Photography, like all other mediums hat help is express ourselves, is close to my heart and it sucks to see the state that photography is in. Every other person is either a photographer or in the process of becoming one. Wish I could do something to help it. Lol, yet another thing that I want to help. Life should've been longer. No?

So coming back, by end of his year, I would do something about it. Dunno what. But something.

Next, while I type this, I am tripping orbit DJ Killa's version of Uff Teri Ada. Apart from being a great track, the song reminds me so much of sgMS. If you're reading this, I miss you. If you're not reading this, bad for me.

Finally, I think I have come to realise why I like blogging. I'd give you guys a hint. You know it's easy talking to a stranger rather than your best friend, or writing a dairy, or confessing to a priest? Yeah? That's why.

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s4ur4bh said...

Bastard. You kept up your goal of posting everyday for a quarter for exactly 4 days!!!!!

Flimsyfirefly boy

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