April 03, 2013. Undo.

Today was one of those days that I could just delete from my life. All I did today was remain in transit over two time zones. No am not too far from where I live but it was a painful transit.

But I learnt a few things that I have known implicitly but I realised them today. For starters, good grasp on English as a language can take you really far. Especially in an industry that is still not ruled by the suits. But then, like at all other places, the suits are on the prowl and its a matter of time before they screw up this opportunity as well.

Second typing on an iPhone is not as bad I thought it would be. I have used a blackberry for the longest time and was skeptic about using an iPhone. But it's been good so far.

Third. I am not what I think I am. More on this later but for the time being, I sincerely think that I need to see a doc about my mlc.

Four, theres this friend of mine, lets call him Remo, he keeps saying that he seems to have hit the vegetable phase. Where he's merely surviving. He's doing well professionally and making enough money and yet he's unhappy. He can't seem to pinpoint at a reason. Neither can I. Nor can you. That reason to exist, to do is missing. Hate to see him like that. Any solutions anyone?

That's it. The lessons from a day that was spent in travelling by a taxi, a plane, a boat, a bus and of course on foot. It's been a long long day. Time to retire.

And no, I did not go for a run. Lemme sleep tonight and try tomorrow morning. Until then.

1 comment:

s4ur4bh said...

Remo should do 2 things
1. Read birth of a tragedy by Nietzsche
2. Quit his 'satisfactory' job and join a startup (even they pay well nowadays)
If nothing else, remo's perspective will get a reboot

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