GMail - The new face of EMail

GMAil has given the POWER to invite three other people to EVERY current GMail user. What are you waiting for? Catch hold of a friend with GMail soon !

Here are few things good about GMail :)

1000 MB Storage Space :)
The biggest thing associated with GMail would be the amount of space they offer. Easily 100 times more than the 99.9% of free EMail Service Providers. You could go on and on and on and never fill up those 1000 MBs.

No need to delete any message. Helps in maintaining records and contacts. You don't have to open up huge archives of backup fromn outlook and look at them when everything is available on a clikc of mouse anywhere in the world. It would also eliminate the need of exporting all EMails to a outlook file and burning them on a disk and carrying it along.

Search Based EMail
Gmail is differnt from other EMail Providers in yet another way. GMail is Search based EMail system. You don't have to make stupid folders and sort your mail according to the when you can use the excellent Google Search Algorithm on your own EMail Inbox !

Text Advertisement
As they nothing in the world is for free, neither is GMail. They would scan your EMail for certain keywords and then display related advertisements. And please mind it this is NOT an invasion on your privacy. No human ever reads your EMail. And infact as far as my computing knowledge goes, they wont take the hassles of reading/scannign through the entire EMail. They would just look for certain keywords like Travel, Shopping etc. and deliver advertisements. These advertisements are inded at times benefecial and might just help you apart from generating revenue for GMail.

Another point in favour of text based advertisement would be the small time it takes to load. An Image file would be very heavy and might take ages to load on slow internet connections, where as text isas light and as fast as it gets.

Social Status
Since GMail is still by invitation and very few people have access to it, you could brag about how good GMail is and its features and people would give you the stage and let you do all the talking as if you are an expert on rocket science.

Ever since I had the power to invite people for GMail and I have told about this to friends, all my long lost friends have strated to come back to me. Every now and then someone would pop up on Yahoo or MSN and say "Hello, do you remember we studied together in the First grade in Rochester?" And I havent steeped out of Delhi, India ever in my life.

Thumbs Down :( Few things against GMail...

1. You need to have the latest Web Browers. But again to deploy the new age technology behind GMail they need to use the best and the latest available browsers available.

2. I get a error message regularly. The frequency of this REGULAR message is about three or four times in an hour.

But again... this is not a big deal and could happen and infact does happens all the time on other EMail service Providers.

The original version of the image file posted above can be seen at

And just in case someone wants to contact me, I can be reached at :). I still have 5 (yes FIVE)invites left :) Although I have decided that three people to get it would be Gaurav, Shubham and Uday. What about other two? May be the person who wants to trade it for something good...? Like a DigiCam? Let's see...

To Be Contd... (Last edited on 12th June 2004, 2200 Hrs IST)

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