Its been so many days now and I havent addded a post. A lot of things have happened and I have been busy with nothing ;)

Following should exaplin in nutshell...

- Went to watch the movie Hum Tum at Waves Kaushambi. Found it boring. There were few good songs. The Rishi Rich song, U n I, "mere dil vich hum tum" is very good. Went there with all my BIT classmates and had a nice time.

- MDI sent out their Pre Session Assignment and by the looks of it, its going to be a major pain :(( They want me to visit a NGO, a company, a Kirana Stroe and read a Business book and write summary etc. I would be picking up The Goal by Ali GoldRatt.

- New Blog, I have launched a new blog lacated at It is going to be a personal blog with all the personal posts there and yes, it is going to be password protected :)

- New friends - found a couple of new friends. Hope we continue to be friends.

- New Cellphone - would be getting a new cellphone. In all probablity it would be Nokia 6820 or a Sony Ericson T610. I havent decided yet.

- A new group for all the MBA 2006 people. More on this later.

- A new post planned on GMail, now that I know better about it having used it for sometime.

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