Yahoo vs GMail

And Finally Yahoo is offering 100 MB spae for EMails - FREE.

Looks like a BETA service in the market has led to the beginning of the end of the GIANT.

The most striking of all has been a SEARCH button on top of the Yahoo Mail.

Another interesting thing to note would be absence of image based advertisements on the top and left side. These have been replaced with TEXT BASED adverts.

Basically they ar trying to counter The USPs of GMail. GMail was built as a Search Based EMail service and Text Ads. Yahoo is trying to implement Search and they have already replaced the adverts with Text Ads.

The new interface looks good. Let me test the service for few more days and I would be writing a detailed report on it :)

To Be Contd... (Last edited on 15th June 2004, 2000 Hrs IST)

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