Lost on the Internet, Found on Search Engines

They say that once a website has ben launched, its lost forever in the cyber space. Its like a blackhole that sucks your page in, never allowing it to come out. The only ray of light in the dark lost world is links through differnt websites and Search Engines like Google etc.

For the past 30-31 days (11 May 2004 - 11 June 2004), I have monitored and kept record of people using Search Engines and coming to the weBLOG. Following is the list of Keywords used to find my weBLOG on the Internet...

Google: ben_mario_piano
Google: jyoti sahu
Google: scmhrd
Google: chinkis
Google: prateek+site:blogspot.com
Google: manmohan+singh+press+conference+thursday+transcript
Google: 1000+mb+mailbox
Google: blogspot+sg
Google: IIM+Waitlist
Google: blogs+fms+delhi
Google: sonali+garg
Rediff: SCMHRD
Google: uff+kay+jadoo+mohabbat+hai
Google: Saurabh+Garg+IIM+A
Google: Saurabh+Garg
Google: saurabh+gmail
Google: sandeep+dixit
Rediff: SCMHRD
Google: scmhrd+blog
Google: shweta+garg
Google: IIM+topper+2004
Google: blog+interview+ISB+MBA
Google: waves+noida+hum+tum
Google: waves+multiplex+noida
Google: nitin+pachauri+yahoo
Google: website+of+waves+multiplex+in+noida
Google: ims+simcat
Google: noida+multiplex
Google: waves+multiplex+east+delhi
Google: friendship+quatos
Google: The+Taste+of+India+at+Waves+Noida
Google: download+kya+aap+closeup+karte
Google: India+Congress++young+foreign-educated
Google: centrestage+mall+noida
Google: priyanka+mehta+MDI
Google: sandeep+dixit
Google: Sonali+garg
Google: dollor+against+rupee
Feedster: gmail
Google: sex+in+nirulas
Feedster: gmail+trade
Google: kya+aap+closeup
Google: kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai
Google: kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai%22%2B%22lucky+ali%22%2Bdownload
Google: kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai+lucky+ali
Google: abhishek+mishra+IMS
Dogpile: kabhi%2Baisa%2Blagta%2Bhai
Google: man+ki+lagan+lyrics+by
Google: nidhi+garg
Google: saurabh+ganguly+fan+club
Google: lucky+ali+new+song+kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai

These do not include visitors from websites like PagalGuy and BuildtoLearn and Blogger and Blogger Profiles and Orkut, Blogwise, HaloScan etc.

To Be Contd... (Last edited on 15th June 2004, 1200 Hrs IST)

Keywords for Search Engines: SEO, Search Engine, Keywords, Saurabh.

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