BarCamp Mumbai 2

October 13 is now booked. Just signed up for Mumbai BarCamp2. Sign up at Its being hosted at IIT Mumbai.

I am the 25th person to confirm my attendance for second version of BarCamp in Mumbai. My first ever. Lets see what comes out of it. I have heard from quite a few people that it can be real fun and in fact quite a few businesses have actually come out of it.

They also invite people to give talks. I would love to talk about a lot of things - especially not being able to start a company. Maybe someone can tell me how to start one. Beware Google. I am on the prowl.

Keep watching !

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UPDATE: As on 19th September, 41 people have agreed to attend and 2 people have agreed to speak at the BarCampMumbai2. Great going.

Update 2: As on 20th September, Barcamp Mumbai 2 has 56 attendees and 3 speakers.

UPDATE 3: Dates for the barcamp changed. Its now on 14th October rather than 13th. 10 speakers and 83 attendees. Looks like we will have a blast !

Final Update: Back from the bacCamp. I think something is really really wrong about all the people trying to launch their companies. Most of the people are launching companies with no visible revenue streams. I dont understand how will these companies sustain themselves.

In short, I am dissappointed.


Wanderer said...

so why not list your talk?


Vivek Khandelwal said...

hey there..we are having a barcamp at techfest this time on 27th jan08
its wiki page is already up ..
for more detaisl logon to
plz mention bout this barcamp to make this one a grand one ..

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