Delhi and Mumbai

Delhi and Mumbai.
Two cities, poles apart. Two worlds, million differences.
Political Capital, Business Capital. City of Djinns, City of Dreams.
Trying to bridge gaps and understand - people, culture and souls.

After spending about 24 years in Delhi, I have moved to Mumbai for foreseeable future. Mumbai is teaching me new things everyday and I am always comparing Mumbai to Delhi and how good or bad things are at Mumbai vs Delhi.

I have also come across loads of people fighting out if Delhi was better or if Mumbai was good. Thought why can't we have people from both the cities give out their opinions? It would be even better if a Dilli Walla talks about Mumbai and a passionate Mumbaikar talks about Delhi.

Lets say we talk about street food. I am from Delhi and I know that Delhi has this thing called Chole Kulche and Gol Gappe. People just love it. I know about Mumbai. Vada Pao and those grilled sandwiches .. you can find them anywhere and its awesome.

Some other day we talk about people. People in Delhi are very very inquisitive. They would even want to know what did your maid eat when she was working at your house. In Mumbai, no one would give a second glance if you were dying ... !

There are so many fascinating things about both the places and I thought may be its time its all put down in black and white .. ?

I want to capture small things that people often overlook and things that are taken for granted. Safety of women is, safety of men isn't. "Metered" autorickshaws is and time taken to reach a place is not.

Me, a pucca dilliwala now in Mumbai want to look at things in Mumbai and compare them with Delhi and I want someone to do the same for Delhi.

Looking for someone, a pucca Mumbaikar, now in Delhi loving/hating things at Delhi and willing to talk about it.

Wondering if anyone is game ... ?

If you guys know any friends, relatives, random people interested in exploring and understanding Delhi and Mumbai, please shoot a mail to me at

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